Mergers & Acquisitions

Realize new growth potential in Europe.

Mergers and acquisitions are a target-oriented way to strategically maintain one’s competitive edge and strengthen one’s own market position. Because worldwide failure rates for mergers & acquisitions are higher than 50 percent, Bunsen Consulting has developed a model to improve the success rate from the buyer’s perspective.

We will help you derive a suitable M&A strategy that aligns with your corporate vision. The key to success is to consider all qualitative and quantitative factors while accompanying the transaction process from the pre-merger phase to the post-merger integration. By identifying synergies and making a sustainable contribution towards achieving growth, we can secure your long-term competitive advantage.

Our support will contribute to your success:

  • Development of a successful M&A strategy, considering qualitative and quantitative influencing factors
  • Definition and support of the M&A process from the pre-merger phase to post-merger integration
  • Development of a suitable communication strategy and the creation of a competent core team
  • Coordination and implementation of various transaction measures with internal and external team’s/service providers
  • Completion and evaluation of post-merger integration and identification of further optimization potentials

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Raphael Bunsen Hamburg

Raphael Bunsen

Founder & Managing Partner