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Added value for patients and sustainable growth for companies and organisations.

In 1883 Otto von Bismarck introduced mandatory health insurance; Germany’s most challenging and oldest public welfare system was born. In the meantime, the entire healthcare industry, with an economic footprint of more than 600 billion Euro, is one of the most important sectors in Germany and Europe. Digital, technological and medical developments not only change the rules of the game for the growing global healthcare market, but they also impact the competitive environment.

Companies such as Siemens Healthineers and Servier are forming partnerships with Flying Health, a company which develops innovative technologies and digital services and brings them to market. It thereby creates new value chains and business models in the process. Additionally, Phillips has started offering telemedical applications and solutions. For example, ultrasound images can be remotely controlled and supervised by physicians, regardless of their location. On the other hand, robotics companies such as Kuka are trying to establish themselves in the healthcare market with faster, more accurate and cost-effective diagnostic tools, e.g. for breast cancer diagnoses.

Bunsen Consulting accompanies you in order to generate sustainable growth that is fit for the future in this competitive environment, with the aim of generating high-quality care and continuously improving process efficiency. With our best-practice knowledge, we support leading medical technology companies, clinics, health insurance companies, and start-ups to identify existing opportunities. We will guide you during the development of your future strategy, from the outset through the implementation.

Our support will contribute to your success:

  • Generation of added value for patients and sustainable growth for your organisation
  • Increase in operational efficiency through the design & optimisation of your processes
  • Further development of your brand through value-based healthcare
  • Identification and development of consumer-centric business models
  • Development and implementation of cost reduction programs

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Raphael Bunsen

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