Business & Corporate Strategy

Standstill is regression. Together we will shape your successful path into the future.

In times of digital and technological change, new playing fields and new rules necessitate holistic, strategic planning. Bunsen Consulting supports global companies and organisations in various industries with the long-term development of their value-oriented strategies. In short: we help our clients become benchmarks in their industry.

We will guide you through the development, planning and implementation phases of your business strategies. With our well-founded knowledge, we encourage sustainable growth in your core business or expansion into adjacent markets. We support you in sustainably increasing your company’s value and securing your competitive advantage for the long term, by focusing on individual corporate strategies, brand strategies and portfolio management.

By combining creative and analytical approaches with you and using innovation impulses to create a unique path, changes take place from the inside out. We will align your strategic goals with your corporate culture to secure the future of your business through value-oriented management practices and a positive, sustainable customer experience.

Our support will contribute to your success:

  • Identify and achieve your overarching strategic vision

  • Development and implementation of your company-wide or business-unit strategy

  • Optimization of your brand strategies and your product portfolio

  • Development and implementation of your growth strategy through non-organic growth or M&A activities

  • Improvement of performance through lean structures and processes as well as integrated networking

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Raphael Bunsen Hamburg

Raphael Bunsen

Founder & Managing Partner