Mobility Services

Together, we develop holistic solutions for the future of mobility.

From e-mobility – on land, on sea, and in the air – to future autonomous driving, issues such as urbanization, environmental sustainability, and the connections between consumers and machines are creating new ownership structures to reduce costs.

There are already many providers in this segment who have been able to establish themselves in the market with different business models, such as Share Now’s car sharing or the internationally successful mobility platform, Uber. Furthermore, companies such as Volocopter or Lilium are on the verge of using air taxis to solve some of the mobility problems that exist within the current local transport structure.

We support leading family businesses, technology companies, the public sector and start-ups in identifying new business models and adapting existing business models to individually fit each enterprise. We, at your side, will help you take the step into a new era with our many years of expertise in this field.

Our support will contribute to your success:

  • Evaluation of market developments

  • Identification of new business fields

  • Adaptation or development of your own mobility products and/or mobility processes

  • Development, revision of your strategy

  • Strategic problem solving, as well as development and implementation of various innovation, development and cost reduction programs

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Raphael Bunsen Hamburg

Raphael Bunsen

Founder & Managing Partner