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In 1886, Carl Benz invented the first automobile with a combustion engine, which marked the beginning of the success of Germany’s leading industry and continues to shape the market to this day. Developments such as e-mobility, autonomous driving and different car-sharing models, on the other hand, aren’t only rewriting the rules of the game for the global automotive industry, but they are also changing the competitive environment.

Companies such as Tesla and BYD have already established themselves in the market with their innovative business models and they have become new benchmarks for many companies. In addition, the Alphabet subsidiary Waymo is a market leader in autonomous driving, already offering driverless transport services in the first test cities. This potential billion Euro market represents an opportunity for all automotive companies and suppliers to successfully shape the future.

Bunsen Consulting supports leading auto manufacturers, suppliers and technology companies in developing new business strategies to take advantage of these opportunities. Daimler and BMW, for example, formed their first strategic cooperation to break into this new mobility market.

We will guide you through the planned implementation of various innovation, development and cost reduction programs. Our 4-phase model takes qualitative and quantitative aspects into account, enabling us to improve your value proposition, increase your opportunities with innovative business models and develop your brand for long-term success.

Our support will contribute to your success:

  • Generation of added value and sustainable growth for your company

  • Development and implementation of various innovation, development and cost-cutting programs

  • Increase in business innovation potential

  • Development and optimization of products and processes

  • Value-oriented further development of your brand

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Raphael Bunsen Hamburg

Raphael Bunsen

Founder & Managing Partner