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We work collaboratively with you to create a sustainable strategy for your industrial enterprise - coordinated and scalable.

The industrial revolution in Europe started at the end of the 18th century when James Watt’s invented the first industrial steam engine in England, and it made its way to the European continent in the middle of the 19th century. As digitalisation progresses, companies are being forced to continuously rethink and adapt their strategies and processes. The merging of the digital and physical worlds often referred to as “Cyber-Physical-Production-Systems,” is fundamentally changing the corporate culture.

Bunsen Consulting supports leading family businesses in the manufacturing industry, technology companies, and start-ups to identify new business models, adapt existing business models and take the step into a new era, at your side, as your reliable companion with our many years of experience.

We accompany you through the planned implementation of various innovation, development and cost reduction programs. We take qualitative and quantitative aspects into account within our 4-phase model, to increase your added value, your opportunities through innovative business models and by developing your brand to achieve long term success. We view your company as an individual unlike any other, thus, we develop tailor-made solutions that take all relevant aspects into account and align them with your overall strategy.

Our support will contribute to your success:

  • Generation of added customer value and sustainable growth for your organisation
  • Increase in innovative business potential
  • Design & optimization of products and processes
  • Change in corporate culture to achieve a balance among production, quality, safety, and costs factors
  • Strategic problem solving as well as development and implementation of innovation, development and cost reduction programs
  • Continuous adaptation and further development of your business models

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Raphael Bunsen Hamburg

Raphael Bunsen

Founder & Managing Partner